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What is Panoramic Photography?

In layman’s words Panoramic Photography is capturing images on a much wider format which would enable an individual to visualize a wider vision than that the human eye can see from a single point. One would certainly like to know the progress made in photography to understand its relevance. In initial stages the visibility of an image was limited to what the human eye could see. The industrial revolution and two great was brought in panoramic photography in a version where one could capture images up to 150 degrees using a cumbersome method of moving the cameras.

A 360 virtual reality tour is created with 360 degree panoramas, which shows 360 degree field of view of the virtual place. It consists of 360 degree panoramas, tour templates, and various tour components like hotspots and radars.

The latest technology has made it possible to picturise full 360 degrees by synchronizing sophisticated cameras which rotate maintaining the exact exposure of the film. The process is then completed by stitching together to form a consolidated image which is panoramic.

Our virtual tours provide you with the perfect way to increase your locations exposure & captivate your audience.
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